10 Easy-To-Do Video Ideas For Your Businesses

It's common knowledge that demand for videos is on the increase - big time .

But before you go and create a corporate promo video.... Remember that video can offer so much more than a "here I am and this is what I can do" video. From generating leads, building trust and credibility to educating and engaging the possibilities are endless and can have a significant impact on your businesses bottom line.

Here are some video suggestions that you can easily create to engage your viewer. Adding a few of these to your content mix can really give potential prospects a sense of your culture, passion, professionalism and a lot more.

Confidence and Credibility builders

Testimonial videos: ask a happy client to spare one hour and capture an excellent review.

Case study video: ask a happy client to spare around three hours and capture the story, process and the results you delivered to meet their objectives.

Culture and Loyalty Builders

HR video: ask each employee to introduce themselves and the best thing about working for your company.

Vlog: ask if any employees want to share their daily routine, insight or experience. Capture it on video and edit it down to 2 - 7 minutes. Keep this going on as a regular weekly/bi - weekly routine.

ADITLO (A Day In The Life Of): These can be good fun for anyone running a business with or without employees. Simply capture 5 -10 seconds of your day, throughout the day on your mobile phone and edit them together with some music. Don't forget to get some shots of you in the video too. Make sure it's personal but professional.

Expertise and Trust Builders

Tips and guides: create useful (valuable) tips for your potential clients based on the most common questions you receive

Facebook live: deliver presentations, events or show 'live' people working. Share tips but don't waffle and keep it relevant.

Webinars: share some research, method, process or anything of value with your email list.

Engagement and Social

Motivational videos: Use stock footage or your own footage and add quotes, a script or statements. Add inspirational music!

Product reviews: review popular products or service that can benefit your potential clients. End it with a question to create social engagement.

If you're starting out I would suggest a good tips video and if you have a good client base and some experience making videos I would definitely go with the case study video (my personal favourite), especially if you have some happy customers.

The ROI is excellent on both these formats, with a video case study you're potential clients can identify with a problem, see a journey (process) and a solution to that problem which you have clearly solved for someone or some business. The result is a client that is satisfied and they've taken the time to share their story. You're credibility is up, customer confidence is up, trustability is up and your service has a legitimate proof of concept. With a bunch of video case studies you can justify increasing the price of your service.

Check out this case study videos I produced for Kiwi Oz Nannies.

If you'd like to chat with me to see how video can work best for your business, simply get in touch here.

You can get some fantastic ideas from these links I compiled with THE COOLEST CORPORATE VIDEOS EVER. Click here.

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