The LOCKDOWN Course Creator Bootcamp (May Cohort) 
  • Module 1:  Validating your course (completing 5 stress tests),  Applying proven marketing strategies, 10x audience finding,  Driving impact - Messaging and positioning, List and audience building. 

Delivered online: 21/5 2pm (Recording available)


  • Module 2 - Structuring for engagement, mapping out content, understanding impactful delivery styles, how to deliver confidently, accommodating different learning styles.

Delivered online: 28/5 2pm (Recording available)


  • Module 3 - How to film like a pro, cost effective video production workflows , presenting confidently, Sourcing cost effect production crew, sourcing editors, presentation methods,

*Free access to my video production pool of talented editors and videographer that work in London, Manchester and ONLINE. 


Delivered online: 4/6 2pm (Recording available)

  • Module 4 - Hosting platform overview, pricing structure and strategy, launch maximise to profit. Scaling to membership and future growth plans. 

Delivered online: 11/6 2pm (Recording available)


Client agreement:


This agreement is made between Jonathan Rose ‘Business Video Hub’, The Shed, Chester Street Manchester M1 5GD who will be referred to as the “Consultants”, and the Client buyer or customer provided with the services.


Terms and Conditions

  1. This agreement will commence on the date of the first one-off virtual call, phone call or online meeting, whichever is first and run for 1 months from that date. 

  2. If the single payment is chosen the full payment is required in full, 48 hours prior to first meeting or call.

  3. Confidentiality - on the subject of the Client supplying information, business plans and/or copies of any documents during the course of the Consultants’ involvement with the Client, the Consultant hereby confirms as follows:

           a.The consultants will not use the information for any purpose other than in connection with the Consultants’ involvement with the client and on 

               its behalf.  

           b. The consultants shall keep all information secret and confidential. The company shall not, without consent of the Client, communicate or

               allow to be communicated any confidential information to anyone, except as otherwise authorised by the Client. 

   7. Copyright - the copyright of any materials supplied by the Consultants, is owned by    

       the consultants. No part of the materials may be reproduced, transmitted or shared in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,         

       photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the Consultant. 

   8. The acceptance of the proposal sent indicate acceptance of the terms, details, and conditions in the agreement and provide approval to begin

       the work as specified. 

   9. There is a 14 day money back guarantee should you change your mind for any reason after purchasing this online product.