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Create Professional
Online Video Courses 
 Transform your face-to-face workshop, course or training into an online course offering 

If you're a training provider or offer courses and workshops... you're probably spending loads of time, money and energy filling your classes.


Not to mention... booking rooms, travelling and the time it takes to teach your content!

But what if you could sell to more people anywhere... anytime? 

You could be reaching more people and selling more course with an online course offering. 
Statistics are clearly showing that people are foregoing traditional methods of learning due to the convenience and cost savings of e-learning and online courses. 

I help training providers, workshop facilitators and businesses that teach or train transform their face-to-face course offering to online courses.

Through my video production company MotionFish Media Project, I have produced well over 50 online video courses for a range of companies and niches. 

I can fully guide you and/or produce for you professional-looking online video courses, all the way through course onlining (moving a course online) to video production and marketing.

If you'd like assistance:

  • Developing your idea and mapping your course content 

  • Moving an existing course/training/workshop online

  • Creating quality video tutorials for your course

  • Formatting and developing an online course

  • Using one of the many online course platforms

  • Marketing your course online and building a marketing strategy 


Simply contact me here to see how I can help you or your team create a successful online video course. 

Jonathan Rose

Why Online Video Courses?

Because people all over the world love learning online.

Because it's easier than ever before to make professional quality video course.

Because statistics show video courses can influence purchasing decisions.


Because video courses build trust, credibility and authority.

Because it's is an easy way to generate leads.

Because people are watching more video courses than ever before... and it's estimated to grow even more! 

Video Marketing Tips
Social video generates 1200% more shares


I've worked in video production and marketing for over 15 years. Started out on film sets making instant coffee... I thankfully moved on to a range of roles from production assistant and manager to director and editor.


I've worked with a range of TV broadcasters, corporates and small businesses creating promos and online marketing content.

In 2014, I founded MotionFish Media Project CIC, a video production company and social enterprise. We produce online videos for businesses. We've created training courses and online courses for small businesses and organisations including Better Leisure Centres, ERM (Environmental Resources Management Group), London Jewellery School, The NHS Training Hub and many more!


Course creation is at the heart and *sole* of MotionFish as it was established thanks to a corporate client requesting us to make 140 video courses in one year! 

Course creation for me merges the two things I love the most in my career: video and teaching. Hence the Video Business Hub was founded to support online course creators. 

If you'd like to work with me on your online course, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


For any other video production needs you can check MotionFish Media Project below:

motionfish Video Production.png

Training providers I've worked with:



London Jewellery School

The London Jewellery School is Europe's largest jewellery training centre based in Hatton Garden with over 100 jewellery courses to choose from.


Over the last 4 years I have produced 90% off the online video course content. 

The courses offered online are talking head videos with a mix of overhead camera shots for the hands-on jewellery making tutorials.  Macro lenses were used to film detailed close ups.  


In addition to the online video production I also advised on marketing strategies, scripting and lead generation.

Through the online Jewellers Academy the school offers online courses and a premium membership offering.  


SpecialChem is the Universal Selection Source for chemicals and materials with the world’s largest online network dedicated to chemicals and materials.


With the help of my team I created over 30 online tutorials for their online course offerings. 

The production included:


Sourcing and auditioning tutorial presenter 

Filming and editing the videos against a green screen

Advising on video platform, trailer creation and marketing

Script structuring and format development

SpecailChem offers 150 industry-specific premium online courses.

NHS - West London CCG

Through my video production company MotionFish Media Project I was commissioned to create a number of video tutorials for the NHS. These tutorials included Chair Yoga and a meditative breathing method. 

I produced the videos and used a two camera setup. I also eveloped the tutorial structure, directed the participants and advised on content distribution.  

The tutorials were offered to social media users, the general public on the NHS website and also screened on TV screens in London GP clinincs. 

ERM Academy - Negotiating Skills

ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk and social consulting services. They wanted to produce a set of bite - size videos tutorials for their employees as part of their company academy. 

I produced a set of online videos using a 3 camera setup. I directed the participants, helped develop the delivery format and advised. 

Contact me for more examples!



London College of Public Speaking
London Jewellery School



One day workshop

How to develop teaching content

Mapping out tutorials

Filming and marketing

Course platforms

£ Email Me 

Private Consulting service

1 - 2 - 1 Weekly calls​ 

Build and develop an online course

Monthly online course content review 

Video Production workflow review

Identify relevant content for course


Guidance moving course online (onlining) 

Lead generation review

Marketing and course positioning 

Access to freelance production pool 

£ Email Me 
Create a video course for your business, from developing content, mapping out tutorials, 
filming and marketing.
motionfish Video Production.png