Are you a coach or trainer that has ceased teaching face-to-face due to Corona but looking to substantially grow your business online?

Do you struggle to fill online workshops? Or frustrated endlessly trying to get people to attend them?

Are you selling your online course at ridiculously low prices? Knowing your content is worth much more?

Want to create an online course but not sure where to start?
The Online Course Creation
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I help trainers and coaches easily transform their knowledge and expertise into online video courses that sell at premium prices.


Creating an online course can seem overwhelming and daunting.


You might feel confident about your expertise but unsure where to start when it comes to turning it into an online product

Is my course idea good? How do I film and edit it? How long should a teaching module be? Will people buy my course? How do I market it? Where do I host my course?

This is where I can help  

I have produced well over 50 online video courses for a range of companies and niches. 

I can fully guide you to create your own professional-looking online video courses, all the way from concept to market. My step by step method is easy to implement, cost effective and doesn't require video filming or editing skills - so you can create your online course offerings independently, confidently and profitably!  

If you'd like to:

  • Generate an additional revenue for your business

  • Create an online course easily and on a shoestring budget

  • Share and sell your expertise to national and global markets

  • Fast track the course creation process

  • Remove the  technical 'headache' from course creation

  • Present your training confidently on camera

Simply contact me below to see how I can help you or your team

Too many people sit with their online course idea stuck in their heads... dreaming, wanting or hoping to create it 'one day'... putting it off till that 'perfect time'.


But this is the thing... Now is the perfect time.


Course creation is still in its infancy and is expected to grow exponentially over the next 5 years.


Your online 'space' won't be there forever and if you don't grab it...


Your competitors will.


So the question you take it or let it go?

Why Online Courses?

Because people all over the world love learning online.

Because it's easier than ever before to make professional quality video course.

Because statistics show courses can influence purchasing decisions.


Because video courses build trust, credibility and authority.

Because it's is an easy way to generate leads.

Because people are watching and buying more courses than ever before... and it's estimated to grow even more! 

Video Marketing Tips
Social video generates 1200% more shares

Companies I've created video courses and training videos for: 

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London College of Public Speaking
London Jewellery School



London Jewellery School

The London Jewellery School is Europe's largest jewellery training centre based in Hatton Garden with over 100 jewellery courses to choose from.


Over the last 4 years I have produced 90% off the online video course content. 

The courses offered online are talking head videos with a mix of overhead camera shots for the hands-on jewellery making tutorials.  Macro lenses were used to film detailed close ups.  


In addition to the online video production I also advised on marketing strategies, scripting and lead generation.

Through the online Jewellers Academy the school offers online courses and a premium membership offering.  


SpecialChem is the Universal Selection Source for chemicals and materials with the world’s largest online network dedicated to chemicals and materials.


With the help of my team I created over 30 online tutorials for their online course offerings. 

The production included:


Sourcing and auditioning tutorial presenter 

Filming and editing the videos against a green screen

Advising on video platform, trailer creation and marketing

Script structuring and format development

SpecailChem offers 150 industry-specific premium online courses.

NHS - West London CCG

Through my video production company MotionFish Media Project I was commissioned to create a number of video tutorials for the NHS. These tutorials included Chair Yoga and a meditative breathing method. 

I produced the videos and used a two camera setup. I also eveloped the tutorial structure, directed the participants and advised on content distribution.  

The tutorials were offered to social media users, the general public on the NHS website and also screened on TV screens in London GP clinincs. 

ERM Academy - Negotiating Skills

ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk and social consulting services. They wanted to produce a set of bite - size videos tutorials for their employees as part of their company academy. 

I produced a set of online videos using a 3 camera setup. I directed the participants, helped develop the delivery format and advised. 


Contact me for more examples!



Private 1 to 1 Consulting service


Create an additional ​revenue channel and transform your one to one session to online training

Sell your training online​ to current or new clients

Sell anytime and anywhere 

Get rid of the tech fear and headache of trying to start an online programme

Take away the hassle and time you spend making video


Present passionately and confidently in way that works for you

Remove 'online course creation overwhelm and enjoy the process

Monetize what you love doing

3 - Month Programme
Create a video course for your business, from developing content, mapping out tutorials, 
filming and marketing.
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